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Computer Eye Strain

Computer Eye Strain services offered in Corona, CA

Computer Eye Strain services offered in the greater Corona, CA area

Computer eyestrain, or computer vision syndrome, develops from long-term exposure to the screens on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Without treatment, it can affect your productivity and quality of life. At Corona Vision Center in Corona, California, the team of experienced optometrists specializes in diagnosing and treating computer eyestrain. To schedule treatment, call the office today or book your appointment online.

Computer Eye Strain Q & A

My eyes are red and dry. Is computer eyestrain to blame?

It’s possible. Computer eyestrain refers to a group of symptoms caused by using computers and other electronic devices. Spending hours staring at digital screens causes your eyes to constantly focus and refocus. You also blink less, making your eyes dry out and feel itchy.

Computer eyestrain isn’t serious, but it can affect your work performance and disrupt your normal routine. Fortunately, various treatments provide lasting relief. 

What are the symptoms of computer eyestrain?

Computer eyestrain symptoms include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Watery, itchy, or burning eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Sensitivity to bright lights
  • Headache
  • Trouble keeping your eyes open
  • Blurred vision that comes and goes

As the condition worsens, some people experience aching or stiffness in their neck, back, and shoulders.

Who is at risk of computer eyestrain?

Anyone who uses computers or other electronic devices can experience computer eyestrain, but several factors increase your risk, including dry eye disease, refractive errors (like nearsightedness or farsightedness), and eye conditions that affect the eyes’ ability to focus.

If you regularly experience eye problems during or after work, contact Corona Vision Center for a computer eyestrain exam.

How does an optometrist diagnose computer eyestrain?

Your Corona Vision Center provider reviews your medical records and asks about your symptoms, including when they occur. They also quiz you about the time you spend using electronic devices, your work environment, and if you have a history of eye disease or vision problems. 

After gathering an overview of your vision and general health, your provider completes a comprehensive eye exam to rule out other potential problems that cause similar symptoms.

How does an optometrist treat computer eyestrain?

Treatment of computer eyestrain depends on the type and severity of your symptoms. Your Corona Vision Center provider might recommend:

  • Managing dry eyes with prescription or over-the-counter eyedrops
  • Correcting refractive errors with eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Blue light glasses to filter out blue-violet light emitted by electronic screens
  • Reducing your screen time
  • Taking regular breaks
  • Adjusting screen brightness and contrast

Modifying your work environment and correcting underlying vision problems often provide lasting relief. 

Call Corona Vision Center today to receive treatment for computer eyestrain, or book your appointment online.