Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Corona Vision Center, we are committed to helping you maintain the best vision possible by providing comprehensive eye exam services. We will service your eyes and check for any disease or problems that may arise. These tests range from simple tasks to more complex depending on what the doctor may be looking for. A comprehensive eye exam can take an hour or more, depending on the test's that the doctor may need to do.  We offer an array of vision services for patients of all ages. Let us know how we can help!

This exam is an evaluation of your complete eye and vision health. It will include several vision measurement techniques and exercises using letter and number charts to determine how well you see objects near or far.

The most common type of colorblind test is our experts will have you look at an image made up of colored dots with differently colored numbers for you to identity. This test will help determine if a client is colorblind. Another way to detect colorblindness is to have our doctors have you look through an eyepiece with different colors in the circles for you to identity.

When our doctors test for glaucoma, it typically begins with measuring the pressure in your eyes called the "puff-of-air" test. While you look at a light inside a machine, our trained experts will puff a small burst of air at your open eye and check the pressure. The procedure is completely painless and a doctor is monitoring you the entire time. 

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