BlephEx Procedure

Do you have dry, red, tired or burning eyes? We recommend you try BlephEx, an office-based procedure to deep clean and exfoliate the eyelids, along with the base of the eyelash. This procedure is ideal for removing eyelash lice or mites, also known as demodex. BlephEx is also recommended to remove bacteria, biofilm, dandruff or flakiness, and any dead cells that may be irritating your eyes.

The root cause for these eye conditions are called Biofilm and/or Exotoxins released by bacteria. It is a substance on your eyelids that bacteria produce to protect your eyes. It is resistant to nearly everything including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine, surgical scrubs and even our own white cells. The accumulation of the Biofilm on your eyes is a result of long-term, low-grade but unyielding inflammation that causes you to itch your eyes. It slowly deteriorates our ability to produce tears that help protect our eyes from bacteria and particles; therefore, causing the eye rubbing, irritation, and the redness that is associated with chronic blepharitis. Through time of not treating the first symptoms of dry eyes, the inflammation causes the eye’s tear gland structure to be destroyed and dry eye becomes irreversible.

Our in-house procedure, BlephEx, now allows eye doctors are Corona Vision Center to safely and effectively remove the biofilms from eyelids in less than 10 minutes. We can have you in and out faster than a teeth cleaning. The best thing about having the BlephEx treatment in our office is that it is all-natural requiring no drugs or harsh chemicals. Call our office today to start treating your dry eyes symptoms.

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